Personal Coaching for everyone!

With SENSE DOJO, USERS gain access to a personalised
coaching and fitness ecosystem developed in partnership with companies in the sports and fitness industry.


SENSE DOJO combines state-of-the-art tracking hardware with the best health and sports apps. The community provides the "we" feeling.


Virtual coaches accompany and advise SENSE DOJO users continuously, personally and competently on their journey to a healthier self.


Gamification design motivates a healthy lifestyle. With AI-based training plans, recommendations and workouts are created and delivered individually for each user. 

About us

Talk to me! Live with me! Stay with me!

The human - machine connector for loyalty and engagement

SENSE DOJO combines state-of-the-art tracking hardware with a virtual personal coach.

Thanks to automatic curation, AI evaluation and personal support from your personal Virtual Personal Coach, a unique, individual coaching programme is created.

The personal coach is always there for you and the gamification design motivates sustainable training success. SENSE DOJO helps you achieve your goals and have a healthy lifestyle.


Virtual coach

Auditory cues provide continuous assistance during the training, so that the screen does not have to be constantly in view. This consolidates important sequences of the exercise and corrects common mistakes. 

Communication with the coach is simple via voice commands or an intuitive user interface.



Exciting stories motivate additionally to the training

The training progress becomes a particularly positive experience through gamified elements


workout tracker

The results of the training can be easily documented by voice command or simple input in the individual training plans.

Continuous adaptations of the training plan to the personal progress provide for a constant improvement of the performances

connected coaching

By connecting with other apps and services, a wide range of important data can be used to optimize training

3D Exercise Preview

For a better learning effect, the correct execution of the exercise can be observed from any perspective

Close-ups of areas of the body where mistakes are easily and frequently made in the correct execution of the exercises, sharpen awareness and concentration on these areas in the correct execution of the exercises.

Visualization of the target muscles provides a better understanding and more effective training


The team

Marcus Meyer

Marcus Meyer


Marcus Meyer (43 years old) is considered one of the pioneers in the eSports business. He accompanied the booming industry from both a media and a business perspective and knows how to deal with the economic factor eSports. The experienced strategist in the field of digital innovation started his own business as a consultant in digital new business and eSports in spring 2018. As a network agency, Force of Disruption GmbH strategically advises trade fair operators, associations, media houses, politics and companies on Future of Sports topics. In addition to strategic positioning and product development, Force of Disruption GmbH creates theme and event concepts and is responsible for the activation and implementation of these innovative concepts. Marcus Meyer and his team of professionals, insiders and industry experts develop product strategies that help you to fully develop and exploit your business model.

Simon von Tessmar

Simon von Tessmar


Simon von Tessmar received his Bachelor of Science degree from the SAE Institute in Games Programming, where he also lectured for several years on programming, project management and game development. After graduation, he co-founded and served as CTO of an SAE Incubator-funded startup that produced game software with an increased focus on mobile distribution platforms.
In his role as Head of Development for RetroBrain R&D GmbH, he works with his interdisciplinary team on a digital health solution for gamification of therapeutic content for seniors.

Iven Pohle

Iven Pohle


Iven Pohle has many years of experience in the field of audio and sound. Both in the international live music area as well as in combination with video games and digital media. In this way he was able to gain sufficient experience in the field of rights exploitation of audio-visual media.
Iven did his Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Animation and 3D and was co-founder and CDO of the SAE Incubator funded startup "RedOrb Games", which produced game software with an increased focus on mobile distribution platforms.
Most recently, as Art Director & Sound Director at RetroBrain R&D GmbH, he was able to develop several years of experience in 3D visualization and content creation for video games/mobile apps targeting seniors and therapeutic applications, as well as graphic design.


Mirrads joins the SENSE DOJO Ecosystem!

Mirrads joins the SENSE DOJO Ecosystem!

Yesterday, something exciting happened: together with our partner Mirrads, we took decisive steps towards the implementation of the SENSE DOJO Hub, an important anchor point for the SENSE DOJO Ecosystem, in which all players in the health and fitness market are connected via innovative services. SENSE DOJO CEO Marcus Meyer: "We believe that digitalisation should not just be a word. Digitalisation...

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SENSE DOJO guest on the Hashtag Fitness Industry podcast!

SENSE DOJO guest on the Hashtag Fitness Industry podcast!

SENSE DOJO CEO Marcus Meyer was a guest on Hashtag Fitness Industry on 15 January. The podcast by creator Andreas Bechler has been running successfully on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and SoundCloud for a good 1.5 years and deals with all topics related to the fitness industry. In the 56th episode, our CEO Marcus Meyer is our guest and talks about the SENSE DOJO concept. And that's not the only reason why this episode hashtag...

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Spuzziness: CEO Marcus Meyer in the Sport1 Podcast

Spuzziness: CEO Marcus Meyer in the Sport1 Podcast

Marcus Meyer, CEO of SENSE DOJO, was a guest on "Spuzziness", the sports business podcast from Germany's leading sports media platform Sport1. Host, outdoor and sustainability expert Kim Scholze asks him questions about eSports, the future of sports business and his latest project SENSE DOJO.You can find the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube and Sport1 Podcast. The Spuzziness Podcast Behind...

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